7 ways you can pass the time in peak hour traffic

It’s no fun being stuck in peak hour traffic – take it from someone who spends two hours daily sitting in traffic. Being stranded behind a steering wheel can be mind-numbing and soul-destroying. There are a million and one things you’d rather be doing with your time than being stuck in a car. But instead of watching the time pass by as you’re idling along, you can keep your brain busy and remain sane in peak hour traffic.

  1. Run a to-do list in your head

Focus on the mundane things you don’t want to focus on later, such as work you need to get done tomorrow. Who wants to be thinking about it while you’re binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix?

  1. Keep audiobooks close by

Some would suggest reading a book in the car, but that isn’t safe. Think about it logically, anything that requires you to take your hands off the steering wheel is dangerous. Audiobooks are way better.

  1. Carpool with work colleagues

This one’s not going to matter much while you’re already stuck in traffic. But in future, if you carpool and end up in traffic, you can at least engage in light conversation to pass the time. Sometimes being stuck in traffic seems less bearable when you’re on your own.

  1. Put on a show

You’re stuck in a jam, literally, so you’re bound to listen to music. Why not make a performance of it? Use your steering wheel as an instrument such as playing the piano or the drums.

  1. Do deep breathing exercises

You don’t have to reserve this for your next yoga session. An easy one to remember is to breathe in for four counts, breathe out for four counts, wait for four counts before inhaling again and repeating the process.

  1. Play a number plate game

See how many number plates you can spot from a province other than your own. Make it a challenge. If you see 10, promise to treat yourself to something like a cappuccino or a snack once you reach your destination or just before it.

  1. Practise mindfulness

Practise being present in the moment. It will help train you not to have unconscious thoughts. You will free up energy and be more creative. A few easy ways to think consciously in the car is to be aware of your body – feel your hands on the steering wheel, the contour of your body in your seat and your feet on the pedals. Traffic jams have a negative impact on your health.

Drive down costs

Speaking of being a more mindful driver, let’s turn to our telematics solution. This intelligent fleet tracking solution gives you round-the-clock control of your vehicle’s whereabouts, allows you to track driver behaviour and successfully reduce fleet accidents, vehicle maintenance costs and fuel consumption. In terms of driver behaviour, it can be programmed to set alerts to inform drivers that they are speeding and to correct the situation before it escalates. See our telematics fleet management solution in action.

Stay sane out there. Traffic jams have a negative impact on your health if you let them affect you. Look on the bright side, it could be a lot worse. Once, drivers got stuck in traffic in China for 12 days.

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