Advantages of outsourcing: driving down fleet costs

A quick Internet search on “the hardest things to do” reveals some interesting results, such as doing the 100m butterfly while tied in a sack or climbing Mount Everest holding your breath. But there are also some unsurprising results. Predictably, saving money is also high on the list of the hardest things to do. It’s hard to save money. But when it comes to your fleet we’ve got you covered. Here are our top tips for saving money by using the advantages of outsourcing.

Telematics: vehicle tracking systems can optimise your use of vehicles, drivers and routes. Amending driver behaviour using telematics can also save fleet managers money. Outsourcing will give you the benefit of vehicle tracking systems that can monitor and report back on speeding, harsh braking or cornering, and excessive idle time. These negative behaviours can be identified and rectified using telematics.

Improving safety management for fleets using this technology can provide many benefits with a direct impact on cost saving. You can reduce the risk and cost of accidents and injuries, reduce the cost of insurance, increase driver productivity and enhance driver morale and retention.

Intelligent fuel management: technology can also help you lower fuel cost. Acquiring fuel-efficient technologies and monitoring fuel spend can help fleet companies save money, especially when practices are incorporated into fleets for the long term.

Fleet reporting: outsourcing will also help fleets to reduce overhead costs. There are indirect costs, including the cost of management and administrative staff, buildings and facilities like fuel sites, computer systems, utilities, tools, taxes, and many other factors that cannot be attributed directly to a vehicle.

Procurement: consider investing time into better understanding the functional purposes of the vehicles that you manage. Are you using the vehicle best suited to the purposes you require? One of the many advantages of outsourcing is that a fleet management company can help you obtain the right vehicles and share knowledge of innovative automotive technologies that will help save money on different aspects including maintenance, fuel spend, and accident management.

Reducing vehicle lifecycle cost requires the knowledge of how to optimise replacement cycles and conform to the correct replacement cycles. Another one of the advantages of outsourcing fleet management is that the right fleet company will use their technology and expertise to determine the proper lifecycles for vehicle replacement.

Contact us to find out more about the advantages of outsourcing your fleet management with Avis Fleet. Our fleet management team is equipped with unique expertise and experience in the vehicle procurement field. We understand the painstaking effort involved in fleet procurement, and with our expert assistance, you will have the best vehicles for your business. This time-consuming process needs to include a wide range of factors such as tyres, fuel, insurance, maintenance and parts as well as the various types of support services offered. The main benefit of our solution is cost-saving – optimal vehicle procurement will ensure fuel efficiency and better wear and tear on your vehicles. From purchasing to the end user, the fleet procurement process should take into consideration all of the factors that will influence the performance of your fleet vehicles.

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