Avis Fleet joins forces with the COJ to clean up the city

Avis Fleet joined the City of Johannesburg (COJ) and Mayor Herman Mashaba for his pioneering clean-up campaign, A Re Sebetseng. The name of this campaign translates to “Let’s Work”. Mayor Mashaba took the idea from a family holiday in Rwanda where he was impressed by the efforts of the residents to keep the city spotlessly clean. In the most recent A Re Sebetseng event, Avis Fleet joined the fight against litter in our city by taking part in the clean-up on Saturday, 17 March 2018. Find out more about the A Re Sebetseng project in your area

Kya Sands Informal Settlement

Avis Fleet is committed to the COJ’s socio-economic development initiatives and we formally adopted Kya Sands Informal Settlement as our area of focus. This settlement is located next to the Kya Sands Business Park and 2 000 people live there in shacks or poorly built houses. In partnership with Pikitup, we have pledged to help remove the settlement’s rubbish dump and transform it into a food garden and play area.

Our project history

On 16 November 2017, we facilitated a site inspection with Pikitup employees from the Randburg depot. On 23 November, we formalised the project by making a pledge to the city and the A Re Sebetseng project at the Johannesburg Zoo with Mayor Mashaba in attendance. On 25 November, clean-up trucks started clearing the dump of dirt and rubble. This mammoth task took seven days to complete.

Phase two of the project

We plan to engage with the settlement’s community leaders in the next phase of the project in order to identify key individuals for training so they can take part in the food garden project. We also plan to buy the materials required for the running and maintaining of the food garden such as tools and safety gear. We would like to facilitate skills development to make residents more employable, establish a recycling project for sustainable income and promote education on the benefits of recycling.

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