Avis Fleet's third win at the Laserfiche Run Smarter Award

Avis Fleet have secured an industry first, by winning the Laserfiche Run Smarter Award for the third time. The Fleet Management Company beat out 32 countries worldwide, becoming the first company in the world to have received the award three times. Avis Fleet embarked on a document management and retention journey back in 2010 with their pilot Enterprise Content Management rollout using the Laserfiche System.

The award recognises Avis Fleet's exceptional use of Laserfiche software to reach new heights of efficiency and productivity. Avis Fleet integrated Laserfiche in its business processes in offices across their entire geographic footprint, making their former paper based processes electronic and secure.

Laserfiche is a Document Management/Enterprise Content Management solution that is used worldwide and trusted by many organisations, including the US Government and many others, to keep their documents electronic and secure. This solution has been so fully integrated into Avis Fleet's daily operations that today it's seen as a business critical system. The use of Laserfiche, has addressed many former challenges such as:

  • Dealing with high paper volumes
  • Expensive storage
  • The difficulty associated with filing and retrieving documents
  • The inability to easily locate and share documents
  • The inability to access documents out of the office
  • Risk of losing paper documents
  • Manual storing and matching of different documents groups, such as statements, invoices and
    their respective supporting documents
  • Lack of document security
  • High paper and printing costs

Laserfiche supports processes such as accounts payable, traffic fine management, motor vehicle asset management, and accounts receivable. This solution has shown some impressive reductions and efficiency gains:

  • Paper cost reduced by 55%
  • Printing cost reduced by 40%
  • Storage cost reduced by 80%
  • Productivity improvements by reducing processing times by 15% - 25%
  • Reduction in Avis Fleet’s carbon footprint

The recent implementation and integration of the Sage X3 financial system secured the win for Avis Fleet. With the integration, the process of storing, updating and viewing documents for users was made effortless since they are able to do all of this from one application. Users no longer have to log into two systems to perform these different actions, improving their efficiency and processing time.

The Avis Fleet IT team is already looking toward their next big implementation that will take the software suite to new heights and bring even more efficiency and customer service enhancements into the business.

The projects under development and consideration include E-billing – Electronic Statement, Invoice and Supporting Document delivery directly to our customers.

  • Mobile Solutions – Mobile Inspection and Terminations
  • HR Processing -  HR Process automation
  • Enhanced Facilities Approval and Management
  • Contract Management

Award winning Avis Fleet have a range of solutions that will revolutionise your fleet management company.


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