Car remote jamming: How criminals could be getting into your car

Drivers in South Africa are no strangers to crime. Most drivers are conscious of the prevalence of different kinds of crimes that can affect them: smash and grabs, credit/fuel card fraud, hijacking and so on. But criminals are coming up with new ideas all the time so that they can take drivers unawares and steal from them. Car remote jamming is a new kind of threat that drivers need to be aware of, especially if they think that by clicking on their central locking they are giving adequate protection to their car and its contents. There has been a marked increase in the theft of laptop/portable tablet devices, especially out of motor vehicles. Drivers need to be extra vigilant in order to avoid falling victim to this crime. In this blog we take a look at how car remote jamming works and how you can protect against it.

How does car remote jamming work?

First a driver parks their vehicle as usual. But then when drivers try to lock it using a remote control, criminals can intercept the locking signal. Unbeknownst to the driver, a criminal who they would not even have seen could have used a signal blocking device or jamming device to block the signal. The driver then leaves the car unlocked and the criminal can steal the contents from the car.

What can you do to avoid this situation?

Firstly, you need to make sure your car is actually locked by walking around testing all entry points including the boot. Be aware of your surroundings and any suspicious looking people who might be waiting for you to leave. If you do see someone suspicious report them to the security. Consider leaving the insecure place altogether and finding somewhere safer. You should also generally avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle.

Moinuddin Gaibe, a vehicle specialist who sells anti-car jamming devices explains exactly how remote-jamming works in this video. Criminals use radio transmitters and block the signal from the driver’s car-key. Gaibe’s anti car-jamming device called Jam Alert warns vehicle owners of car-jamming signals.   

A reminder about crime over the festive season

Unfortunately, crime increases over the festive season. We would like you to have a happy and safe festive season so please remember to take extra precautions around crime at this time.

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