Celebrate World Environment Day and opt for an eco-friendly fleet

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June annually. This initiative was started by the United Nations in 1972 to promote environmental awareness and encourage people around the world to protect the environment. With growing concern for the planet’s wellbeing amid natural disasters and climate change, many are wondering what they can do to help.

Beat plastic pollution

This year’s theme is Beat Plastic Pollution and India will play host to World Environment Day on 5 June. Organisers want to combat single-use plastic pollution and raise awareness about using sustainable alternatives so the world can halt the massive amounts of plastic that are dumped into the oceans every year.

Dr Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, says: “Indian philosophy and lifestyle has long been rooted in the concept of co-existence with nature. We are committed to making Planet Earth a cleaner and greener place.”

Worrying statistics

According to the World Environment Day website, the use of plastic is a concern not only for the planet, but for the health of people all over the world.

  • Every year, 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide.
  • A total of 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean annually – that’s a full rubbish truck every minute.
  • The world produced more plastic in the past decade than in the last century.
  • Half of the plastic used in the world is utilised just once.

Make your fleet greener

Fleet Managers can be more eco-friendly by looking at their fleet procurement process. For example, choosing hybrid vehicles, which are partly powered by electricity and use significantly less petrol-based fuels, produce less harmful pollutants.

Vehicle maintenance is another way to ensure more eco-friendly driver behaviour. Make sure your vehicles are serviced regularly and performing at optimal level by keeping tyres inflated to the proper pressure to reduce tyre friction.

Encourage your drivers to opt for a more eco-friendly driving style by using our Telematics solution. This tool provides detailed information on driver behaviour. Managers can ensure that drivers are being as fuel-efficient as possible, taking the most direct routes, not speeding, not making unauthorised stops, not over-revving or braking too harshly.

The Green Fleet solution

We can help you drive down costs and track carbon dioxide emissions with our Green Fleet solution. It provides accurate information through:

The sweet spot quotation tool

Using this tool, we can offer you the right vehicle for the right time period and mileage. We take into consideration carbon emissions so you can manage every aspect of your fleet. Using the right vehicle for the task means that you save on costs for fuel consumption and maintenance, but also keep harmful emissions at low levels.

A vehicle database of carbon discharges

Avis Fleet uses an extensive vehicle database of carbon discharges to inform fleets of carbon emissions for different vehicles. Fleet Managers can establish if their fleets have the most favourable emissions because they are regularly updated on this information through our indicative reporting.

Avis Fleet solutions are a comprehensive offering that enhance every aspect of fleet management – from Procurement to Vehicle Maintenance and Telematics. If you are worried about the impact of carbon emissions on the environment and would like your fleet business to be more eco-friendly, then our Green Fleet solution is for you.


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