Challenges and rewards of managing a fleet in Africa

Managing a fleet in Africa is not an easy undertaking. Consider the situation of many large multinational companies that regularly ship their goods throughout Africa, companies that have grown into Africa and have a footprint in many major cities. The fleet required by these businesses with their vast reach brings a new set of fleet management challenges.

You will have to take into consideration that many factors may be different from your home country. Fortunately, Avis Fleet will take care of the stresses that you would otherwise have to navigate on your own – from keeping track of where your vehicles are to knowing where to get your vehicles serviced, sourcing spare parts, or getting the best resale value. Here are some of the challenges faced and solutions that Avis Fleet have developed to manage and maintain a fleet throughout Africa.

Keeping track of your vehicles:

  1. Challenge: Sending your fleet into African countries or managing a fleet in Africa means that often your fleet vehicle covers large distances. This means not only will fuel and wear and tear be a concern, but also the ability to track your vehicle. On a long distance haul you may want to ensure your driver and vehicle’s safety and without a tracking tool you would be left in the dark when vehicle is late, whether they are delayed at a border crossing or if they took a detour. 
  2. Solution: when taking large distances into account, it is beneficial to know exactly where vehicles are. This is done with GPS and the Avis Fleet Telematics Solution. With our Telematics solution in place you can track your vehicles in real time or set up alerts for any long delays or unnecessary route changes.

Reducing maintenance costs:

  1. Challenge: When operating a fleet in Africa there is a scarcity of dealerships and service centres available. This leads to vehicles that are not being serviced regularly becoming poorly maintained and overused. The escalating and unnecessary cost of breakdowns can become unmanageable for a company.
  2. Solution: Avis Fleet has a relationship with key dealers and car brands throughout Africa and can negotiate favourable maintenance costs on your behalf. Using Avis Fleet will also help you to be able to avoid maintenance fraud. This network of dealerships and the regular maintenance checks we put in place ensure reduced maintenance costs and longevity of the fleet.
  3. Sourcing good dealerships and workshops: using a fleet management company who will do this for you will make your life easier. And you will benefit from a reduced turnaround time.

Getting the right vehicle:

  1. Challenge: Considering what a vehicle is needed for in a fleet that either services Africa or is based there, determines what kind of vehicle a fleet should be using. When you consider that often fleet companies will use the cheapest vehicles for the fleet, they may not consider the dealer network in Africa to service those vehicles. Because of the limited amount of dealerships, it can also be difficult to find the right make/range/model to fit your fleet; wouldn’t it be great if a fleet management company did this for you?
  2. Solution: Avis fleet understands our customers’ fleet needs. We always ensure we do an in-depth examination, making sure that make/range/model is correct for our customer’s needs, and there is an adequate dealer network to service and maintain the vehicle.
  3. Selling your vehicles: the market is flooded with grey import vehicles resulting in lower residual values for vehicles. When the vehicles have reached the end of their lease, Avis Fleet takes the stress of selling vehicles out of the equation– so you don’t have to worry about it.
  4. Full Maintenance Lease (FML) is a comprehensive fleet management solution at an agreed fixed rental for the use of specifically selected vehicles over a set period of time and distance. In terms of this all-inclusive, hassle-free contract, we source, procure and deliver the vehicles and bear all risk and maintenance costs.

Check out our Fleet Solutions Guide for more information on how we can make fleet management easier.


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