Challenges grow for corporate fleet management

Fleet Managers have many things on their minds. Our economy looks uncertain and running a fleet’s business operations is subject to fuel costs, which are tied to financial issues. Fleet Managers also have to stay in touch with staff, the workings of their vehicles and other day-to-day issues that can crop up. So what are the main challenges for fleet management?

Get on top of escalating costs

Costs are a big concern for Fleet Managers. Fuel costs are always rising and fleet management constantly has to try and keep costs low.

Clever managers take overall costs into consideration when looking at vehicle selection, not just the purchase price. With Avis Fleet’s vehicle procurement solution, you can use our expertise and experience to ensure that you get the right vehicle for the job. Optimal vehicle procurement ensures fuel efficiency and better wear and tear for your vehicles taking into consideration tyres, fuel, insurance, maintenance and parts and the various types of support services offered.

Our vehicle selection encompasses each of these aspects, including having fixed cost motoring for the period of the lease, which includes all routine services and maintenance.

Increase driver safety

Safety on the roads is a big concern for all drivers and recent reports indicate that there has been a worrying increase in the number of fatalities in road accidents every year since 2013. Fleet management has always tried to ensure that drivers in their fleets are safe and are concerned when they notice a higher rate of accidents. A few of the reasons put forward are deteriorating road conditions or more potholes, which can also cause an increase in damaged windshields.

Monitoring driver behaviour is one way of avoiding accidents. With Avis Fleet Telematics, you can monitor if a driver is speeding, over-revving, braking too harshly, or taking an inefficient route. Avis Fleet Telematics can be programmed to alert the driver if they are speeding so they can correct the situation before it escalates. Unfortunately, not all accidents can be avoided. For these occasions, our Fleet Accident Management solution will help you take care of the red tape and ensure that you are supported throughout this often frustrating process.

Avoid crime

Fuel fraud and fuel theft are behind massive financial losses in many businesses. Criminals are finding more ingenious ways of carrying out this kind of crime including siphoning, inflated fuel card transactions and side fuelling (check out our blog for more on this). Avis Fleet’s Intelligent Fuel Management solution can also be of help here. Boasting a 90% accuracy rate, our technology can help you save up to 14% of your fleet’s fuel consumption rate by targeting fuel card fraud and fuel theft.

Avis Fleet has one objective - to keep customers happy and deliver a dynamic outsourced fleet solution. It’s important to keep up with changing business needs which will assist in keeping your business competitive. You can find out more about our outsourced fleet solutions here.

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