Choosing between fleet management companies in South Africa

What pushes a fleet manager to choose a particular fleet management company over another? While pricing is important in tough economic conditions, there are a number of other crucial factors to consider. We consider these here to help you make a more informed decision.

For greater efficiency be sure that the fleet management company offers a “one-stop shop”

Essentially, a fleet management company should take away the pain and hassle of fleet management, relieving these duties from in-house staff who are tasked with dealing with individual aspects of fleet management. But all too often in-house employees have little experience of the complexities of effective fleet management and limited knowledge of its components. Professional fleet management companies in South Africa, on the other hand would know how best to optimise your fleet and save you money. A “one-stop fleet shop” like Avis Fleet would manage all aspects of fleet management, take on all the risk and aim to reduce costs, all while enabling you to focus on your core business functions.

Choose a fleet management company that intrinsically understands your business and tailor-makes a solution for you.

There are as many fleet management solutions as there are fleet management companies in South Africa. But not all fleet management companies in South Africa have the experience or comprehensive business processes to tailor-make a solution for you. Avis Fleet’s goal is to shape solutions based on your company’s vision, objectives and changing needs. Avis Fleet will initially do a 360-degree fleet audit, evaluating every cost. The audit will analyse current procurement costs, maintenance processes, fuel usage, fuel management and vehicle disposal processes. Avis Fleet has developed industry-leading business intelligence software that is used to determine the most appropriate contract term and kilometre allocation by vehicle, based on your business needs. An Avis Fleet expert will give you ample time in order to provide quantifiable information, analysis and insights. Once the fleet management solution is implemented, Avis Fleet maintains a close relationship with its client and consistently tracks the progress of the fleet solution.

Fleet management companies in South Africa are differentiated from each other by their value-adds.

Avis Fleet is the only fleet management company offering modular and flexible solutions. This is based on the company’s goal to tailor-make fleet solutions for its customers. In addition to offering a full maintenance lease, Avis Fleet will analyse all aspects of your business, suggesting any one or more of its innovative Value-Added Products. These include:

  • Intelligent Fuel Management, which has saved businesses millions of rands in fuel card fraud;
  • Telematics, which improves driver safety, tracks driver behaviour and leads to cost savings;
  • Fleet reporting, which enables a customer to access their fleet’s data at the touch of a button;
  • Traffic fine management, which helps navigate the complex traffic infringement process;
  • Green fleet, which manages the sustainability requirements of your fleet;
  • Open road tolling, which manages e-tolls and other toll fee administration;
  • Vehicle financing solutions and many more.

Avis Fleet’s Shaped Solutions sets the company apart from others.

“Shaping solutions” for its customers sets Avis Fleet apart from others. It promises to provide customers with uniquely modular and flexible fleet solutions, around their current business vision and strategy, which are easily adaptable as needs change. Avis Fleet, with its exemplary customer service ratings, as well as extensive experience, will ensure you get maximum business mileage from your fleet.

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