Consider our Fleet Solutions

Businesses that require fleets want to know that they will get the best service and something that is tailored to their needs. In fact, they want something that is perfectly shaped. Shaping solutions to suit your company is in Avis Fleet’s DNA. This is why you should consider our Fleet Solutions.

We listen to our customers.

Avis Fleet has conducted in-depth interviews with its customers to better understand what they want and need from a fleet management service provider. Hence, it’s about being innovative and finding new ways to improve customer service.

We let you focus on your core business, while we focus on shaped solutions.

As an existing Avis Fleet client said: “I prefer to outsource virtually every aspect of this. Why should I carry a head count to do a function that is not my core business? If it’s reliable and it’s going to give me the lifespan I need, I am as happy as punch.”

We provide uniquely flexible and modular fleet solutions shaped around your business vision.

Avis Fleet has a product to support your business needs. Our fleet solutions include vehicle acquisition, maintenance, fuel management, and managing the resale of your vehicles. Our products have been formulated around typical fleet patterns so we can offer you variable or fixed cost options that will see you through each of the different life-cycle stages of your fleet.

Do you want to get maximum business mileage from your fleet?

By getting a better understanding of your fleet, we can focus on increasing fleet productivity and reducing expenses.

We will carry out a 360 degree fleet audit on your fleet and use our business intelligence software to determine the most appropriate contract term and kilometre allocation by vehicle which will best suit your business plan. Consider our fleet solutions today.


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