Cut down on your fleet expenses

With South Africa’s negative economic outlook, it’s important for businesses to save on costs wherever they can. Fleet Managers shoulder many responsibilities, but by outsourcing fleet management to Avis Fleet and employing our solutions, you can improve efficiencies and save money for your business. We are constantly seeking to redefine the fleet industry and to provide the best service by improving our solutions. In this blog, we take a look at a few of the different ways in which you can trim down on excessive fleet expenses.


Our telematics solution helps you to get the best out of your vehicles by using technology. Data that is collected from vehicles can highlight driver behaviour including harsh braking, excessive idling and speeding. Telematics helps Fleet Managers save up to 20% on fuel spend. Since the technology encourages good driving behaviour, it also saves vehicle wear and tear and helps drivers to avoid accidents. Telematics shows the whereabouts of vehicles and ensures that they always take the most efficient routes, which improves productivity for businesses.

Intelligent Fuel Management

Fuel fraud is probably one of the biggest worries for South African Fleet Managers and is a growing problem resulting in millions in lost earnings every year. Criminals are constantly thinking of new and ingenious ways to defraud businesses out of money by stealing fuel, using fuel cards fraudulently and conducting scams. But if you outsource fleet management through Avis Fleet, you can make use of our Intelligent Fuel Management solution to counteract criminal activities. This solution has helped businesses save up to 14% in fuel consumption costs. With extensive analysis and exception reporting, we analyse every fuel transaction and notify Fleet Managers as soon as suspicious behaviour takes place.

Total budget optimisation

We will focus on increasing your productivity and reducing expenses with a comprehensive audit to evaluate the costs your business incurs. The audit takes note of procurement costs, maintenance processes, fuel spend, fuel management and vehicle disposal. Our business intelligence software allows us to tailor contract term and kilometre allocation and partner with you to make a business plan. Our fleet expert will also advise on best practice and consult with you on an ongoing basis.

We can help you reduce your fleet expenses. When you outsource your fleet management with Avis Fleet, we will help you take care of all the details needed for running an efficient fleet. Our telematics solution uses technology to optimise your fleet operations. We also have the Intelligent Fuel Management solution to help customers protect themselves from fuel fraud and Total Budget Optimisation, which was specifically designed to help our customers cut costs in their fleet. The solutions are adaptable and can change according to the individual needs of each business. Find out more about our fleet solutions.

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