Drive safe and beware of these common mistakes

It can sometimes come as a surprise to learn that we have been doing something incorrectly. For instance, hitting the snooze button instead of getting straight out of bed in the morning. Did you know that doing this to try and get an extra five minutes of sleep will actually leave you more groggy? Similarly, drivers tend to make mistakes out of habit which can be life-threatening.

Dangerous driving mistakes

Drinking and driving or driving under the influence of illegal drugs or even medication, causes thousands of accidents every year. In fact, many casualties in road accidents are drivers, passengers or pedestrians who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These substances have a serious effect on the ability of motorists to drive safely and react quickly, which are key to good driving, and affects the judgements of passengers and pedestrians.

Driving when you are tired is also very dangerous. Again, driving when your body needs rest results in impaired reactions and compromised driving ability. If possible, pull over somewhere safe to rest to ensure you reach your destination safely.

Distracted drivers are becoming a concern on our roads. They include drivers who use electronic devices like cell phones while driving. There are increasing reports of traffic incidents caused by motorists texting while driving or causing  accidents because they were taking selfies. Even reaching for your phone, or any other object in your vehicle for that matter, can cause you to have an accident. Eating or putting on make-up while driving can also be distractions with disastrous consequences. Driver safety requires that you make sure both your hands are on the wheel and your attention is on the road all the time.

Reckless driving includes speeding, weaving in and out of different lanes, unpredictable braking or speeding up suddenly. The severity of accidents is often directly correlated to the speed at which the vehicles are moving. Adhering to the speed limit indicated on traffic signs is essential for road safety. In general, being cautious and giving adequate warning of your intentions to others will go a long way to keeping you and other road users safe.

Prevention is always better than cure and at Avis Fleet, we like to offer our customers total peace of mind that if something goes wrong, we’ll be there to help every step of the way. Our comprehensive accident management solution takes the sting out of dealing with the unforeseen. Take a look at our accident management solution to see how we can help.

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