Driver behaviour quiz: What kind of driver are you?

There are many kinds of drivers on our roads some are good and some are not so good. You might not know it but you show your driver behaviour all the time in the decisions that you make on the road. Are you the kind who goes too late on orange, or blocks traffic on a highway by going too slowly? Knowing what kind of driver, you are can help you to be aware of your faults and to try and improve them. Take our quiz and add up your answer scores at the end to determine what kind of driver you are.


1.      The robot turns orange just as you are approaching so you…


a)     Feel a surge of anxiety, take your foot off the petrol and stall.

b)     Floor it so that you can squeeze through.

c)      Firmly slow down, being mindful of cars around you.

d)     Take your time and apply the brake three car’s distance from the light, your car is going so slowly that it’s almost stopped anyway.


2.      Other drivers on the road are most likely to become upset with you because you…


a) Swerved into their lane to avoid another car.

b) Overtook them with a tight swerve. Is there something wrong with that?

c) Don’t notice many other drivers becoming upset with you.

d) Are blocking traffic on a highway by going slower than average, but what’s the rush?


3.  You are in the fast lane and a car comes up behind you at high speed you…


a) Feel paralysed with fear and hope they go away.

b) Pick up your speed so they don’t win.

c) Calmly change lanes so that they can overtake.

d) Have never been in the fast lane.


4. A taxi cuts in front of you so you…


a) Slam on the brakes and call it a day.

b) Feel a surge of adrenalin and decide to overtake so that you can shout at the driver.

c) Take a breath and allow the taxi in: you know that your driving shouldn’t be compromised by other people’s bad driving.

d) Taxi, what taxi?


Mostly As: Nervous Nelly


You are the kind of driver that errs on the side of caution and we applaud you for that. But sometimes this means that your driving can become erratic, as you doubt yourself and change your mind during the course of your actions. Whoa Nelly, take a breath and chill out.


Mostly Bs: Steve the Speedster


Oh dear. You are the kind of driver that other drivers are nervous about. Please try and be mindful of your driver behaviour by going slower and taking a moment to think before making movements on the road.


Mostly Cs: Sensible Sally


You are the ideal driver. You always follow the rules of the road, use patience and caution.


Mostly Ds: Pete the Slowpoke

You might think that you are being safe but did you know that more accidents are caused by drivers going under the speed limit than those exceeding it? Other drivers also might get annoyed that your lack of speed is holding them up, so try and pick it up a bit Pete.


Avis Fleet is a fleet management company with longstanding experience and expertise to ensure that every driver is always looked after no matter what your driver behaviour is. Our fleet services include leasing options, maintenance and accident management so not matter what your needs are, we have solutions that will make your life easier. For more information about our fleet solutions click here, or feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you might have regarding our services.




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