Driving sustainable development with our SED initiatives: Sizwe Hospital School


Sizwe Hospital School in Sandringham Gauteng takes care of terminally ill, HIV infected, orphaned and vulnerable children. It is the only specialised TB hospital in Gauteng for treating drug-resistant TB cases. It was first built in 1895, as Rietfontein Lazaretto, it stood alone in a remote location, it was a full-day's cart-ride from the centre of the town, established that far away as a safety measure against the smallpox epidemic that was sweeping Johannesburg at that time.


Avis Fleet’s Customer Care department chose to focus on Sizwe Hospital School for their SED initiative. They hoped that by doing so they could help the school and support sustainable development initiatives in the area.

Levi Saville is currently working as a Customer Liaison Manager for Phakisaworld fleet solutions. Levi was chosen to be the SED champion for the Customer Care department. He feels the SED initiative is great and is a very important project with a wonderful purpose to fulfil. The overarching purpose that this initiative fulfils is to serve others or to help.

Levi says: “As human beings we have an innate calling to help one another and I believe that two of our jobs as SED champions is to awaken that calling within our colleagues and to streamline our efforts in this regard to achieve a unified goal to help one specific group.”


Staff from Avis Fleet were very happy to be able to donate food and various items including office equipment to the institution. Levi says that they also spent time with the kids which was also greatly appreciated. Levi says it was a deeply fulfilling experience and he looks forward to making more positive differences in many more people’s lives.

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