Driving sustainable development with the SED Initiative: Dignity Dreams


Dignity Dreams is an organisation that is able to help young girls to keep going to school and achieve their goals. Unfortunately, many girls in South Africa have to stay away from school when they are having their periods because they don’t have the necessary sanitary wear. These girls miss out on important school attendance, but also have to suffer from negative social repercussions. Dignity dreams provides girls who are in need with re-usable Absorbency Approved sanitary wear so that they can manage their own menstrual cycles with confidence. The organisation makes up a pack of 6 reusable sanitary pads, 3 panties, 1 instruction sheet, and a Ziploc bag to contain soiled goods.


Nadia Wiggill is a SED Champion who chose Dignity Dreams on behalf of the Accident Management, MAU, VAPS and Marketing divisions. Nadia believes the SED Initiative is an awesome programme that will encourage teamwork and participation not only limited to each department but the whole company.


“If what we have to give or do can change the lives of others, why not? We as people are very fortunate and we should help where we can.” Nadia Wiggill


Nadia says that their group used an innovative idea to raise more funds: they had a cupcake sale on Friday 15th July at the Avis Fleet premises. Everyone who participated agreed that it was an effective and fun way to raise funds for Dignity Dreams.

 Image credit: https://twitter.com/epic_foundation

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