Driving sustainable development with the SED Initiative: Epic Foundation


Gauteng-based EPIC Foundation was founded by Alta McMaster at the beginning of 2013. Having gone through traumatic experiences in her life, Alta wanted to help others by assisting with the empowerment of survivors of trauma. Alta has been managing projects for rape survivors and others in the Gauteng area since 2011, specifically the Comfort Pack Project. Alta has helped many people in need through her work. Her packs have been handed out by care workers who visit vulnerable women, abandoned babies or are called out to crime scenes.

In 2016 the EPIC Foundation distributed 7 350 Comfort Packs for rape survivors. Staff from Avis Fleet decided that they wanted to drive sustainable development by supporting Alta in her work.

On the 11th January 2016 Avis Fleet handed over five boxes of items that were collected by our staff members to go into the Comfort Packs. Some of the items collected included sanitary pads, underwear, socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap. Comfort Packs are handed out by trauma workers when they work in the field. The bags are provided to the Victim Empowerment Centres (VECs) linked to police stations, hospitals, Rape Crisis Centres and the various shelters in the province. At times these women have their children with them, so special bags for the children are also prepared. Ad hoc bags are also made up to support others in crisis, and these bags can make a difference to people living in old age homes, children’s homes, and so on.

On the 19th August 2016 Avis Fleet hosted their Annual Women’s Day Talk for all female staff within the building. The objective of the talk is to celebrate the women who work for Avis Fleet, their strengths, courage and achievements. Each lady was asked to bring along things from a list of items so that we could donate them to the EPIC Foundation for their Comfort Packs which are distributed to people in need.


 Image credit: https://twitter.com/epic_foundation


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