Driving sustainable development with the SED Initiative: Kids Haven

Kids Haven opened its doors in 1992 to address the escalating problem of homeless (street) children and children in crisis in the Ekhurheleni region. The non-governmental organisation aims to protect these vulnerable children and ensure that they have a future. Kids Haven’s mission is to reach out to children in need and give them shelter and a secure environment including training, guidance, and support in order for them to be able to become self-sufficient adults, returning to their communities. Kids Haven includes different facets of care. Pre-care consists of activities aimed at preventing family and community support which might result in children becoming homeless, in-care provides a range of residential developmental intervention programmes, and aftercare provides services to children who have been reintegrated and their families.


Avis Fleet teams were very excited about supporting sustainable development with this organisation as their socio economic development initiative. The Procurement, Maintenance and Accounts Receivables teams banded together and these three departments were able to help in a number of ways. They were able to fix the hall which was badly damaged with the help of a contractor. The teams also painted the hall, bought a stove, bought bedding including mattress protectors. They also put on an event for the children in order to educate them about the different forms of art. The children were very excited about the popcorn machine and jumping castle. Employees and their families were also invited to enjoy the day with these children.


Shalaine Philip, SED Champion for the Procurement department said she felt a great honour to have helped put a smile on someone else’s face. “Business should be concerned with more than its bottom-line getting involved in charity work demonstrates that Avis Fleet is ethically conscious and willing to give back to society. Being involved in helping people not only helps us feel good about ourselves, but it also encourages team spirit and understanding about other people in less fortunate circumstances.”


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