Employee engagement: key to retaining good drivers

Having unhappy employees is not ideal. Just seeing the faces of employees who have low job satisfaction causes managers in any industry to feel concerned because their attitude can affect many other areas of business; from reporting more stress in the workplace, to affecting overall morale and productivity. There can also be more expense and unnecessary work for managers who have to deal with employee absenteeism and high staff turnover. Drivers are prone to dissatisfaction because they often work in isolation. When it comes to professional drivers, employee satisfaction amounts to productivity and customer satisfaction. Fortunately, Avis Fleet Telematics is a tool that can help managers achieve employee engagement and counteract employee dissatisfaction.

What is Avis Fleet Telematics?

Avis Fleet makes use of technology with its Telematics solution, where driver behaviour is analysed with the goal of reducing costs and improving efficiency. This tool can gauge if a driver is speeding, over-revving, idling, braking too fast, taking an inefficient route to carry out business activities, as well as pinpointing when the driver begins and ends his/her journey. Moreover, the system alerts drivers when they are speeding, allowing him/ her to correct the situation before it escalates.

Using Avis Fleet Telematics to counteract the effect of employee dissatisfaction

The data collected with Avis Fleet Telematics can be used to cut costs and achieve the objectives of the business. The benefits can be passed on as incentives to drivers, not necessarily financially. It can also take the form of extra holiday time, vouchers, or public recognition, for example, a “Driver of the Year” title. Employees enjoy being recognized for their efforts, especially when the data used for assessment is transparent. For more information about how to increase employee engagement and implement incentives check out our blog.

The benefits of using Avis Fleet Telematics for employee engagement

As mentioned earlier, using the data from Avis Fleet Telematics can make your business more efficient and increase employee engagement. Avis Fleet Telematics can be used to reward drivers with the least violations and the best behaviour and this will lead to safer driving in general. By putting a priority on safe, compliant and efficient driving, employers will create positive goals for drivers. And knowing that their employers put a premium on the quality of their work and on their safety can make workers feel satisfied.

Avis Fleet is a fleet management company with longstanding experience and expertise.  We aim to help companies optimise their fleet with our range of solutions designed for your needs. For more information about our vehicle financing solutions click here, or feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you might have regarding our services.


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