Everything you need to know about fleet management

Fleet management is vital to various industries, so the chances are that you will have heard of this title before. But what do Fleet Managers really do? This job title can be an umbrella that covers many different roles. Every business that has a number of vehicles will need someone to oversee their fleet. In this blog, we take a closer look at what fleet management entails.

What is fleet management?

According to career resource website Educonnect, every company that manufactures products or supplies manufacturers in South Africa requires the expert services of a Fleet Manager. This position can include a range of functions including vehicle financing, maintenance and telematics. Fleet Managers also deal with driver management, fuel management and health and safety management.

“In short, fleet management is the total management of a company’s fleet of vehicles, covering every aspect of the life cycle of a vehicle from purchasing to operation,” adds Educonnect.

Fleet Managers take on major responsibilities for companies that use transportation. Any business that moves goods will have to deal with all the different variables that can affect their fleets. Fleet Managers take on everything from vehicle acquisition to the efficiency of the vehicles, the productivity of the drivers, and they also try to keep down the costs that are involved with transportation. Fleet Managers can make all the difference in companies that have to transport goods. If they can keep down costs, it will affect the bottom line of the entire company.

For these companies, the cost related to running their fleets is usually one of their biggest expenses. Companies that use fleets such as rental companies, companies that distribute food and companies with courier services, require Fleet Managers to develop a range of skills. Although Fleet Managers can branch out into different specialities, this job requires a core understanding of what fleet management is – and it’s becoming more important for companies to have operational efficiency. This means that aspects which include energy consumption, employee productivity and finance have to be managed effectively. A good Fleet Manager will also be able to stay on top of all these elements and drive efficiency in their organisation.   

How Avis Fleet can help you

Avis Fleet is a fleet management company with long-standing experience and expertise to help every company that has a fleet of vehicles. If you are a Fleet Manager, our range of solutions will help you run your business better. We monitor every aspect of fleet management from acquiring the right vehicles to maintenance and making provisions for accidents. You can also outsource your fleet management to us so you can concentrate on running your core business, knowing that we will manage your fleet efficiently. Find out more about our fleet management solutions here or if you would like to outsource your fleet management to us so you can concentrate on your core business.

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