Facing challenges head on in Corporate Fleet Management

Fleet Managers these days might find themselves in a different role to what they did a few years back. We live in some tough economic times and saving money on costs is increasingly a focus for many fleet companies. It’s becoming more and more common for Fleet Managers to outsource operational functions to fleet management companies who will take care of the transactional duties, allowing management to focus on the core tasks involved with running the business. What are some of the concerns that corporate fleet management companies face, and how can we help?

Cost of fuel

Fuel has always been a concern for Fleet Managers but in recent years there have been many sudden hikes or dips which make things difficult for Fleet Managers especially when it comes to budgeting. Our solutions are aimed at reducing your fuel costs and optimising your business. Our Intelligent Fuel Management solution
addresses one of the biggest causes of for financial losses for South African
fleet companies: fuel fraud. Our corporate fleet management solutions can help you save between 8% and 14% of your fleet’s fuel consumption costs through our Intelligent Fuel Management (IFM) product which has a 90% accuracy rate. And with total budget optimisation we maximise your profits by aligning your fleet requirements with your business strategy.

Environmental concerns

Many people are concerned about the state of the environment and how fleet companies can affect their surroundings. New legislation might also ask fleet companies to disclose the carbon emissions of their vehicles. Green Fleet was designed for environmentally conscious Fleet Managers who are concerned about the impact their vehicles have on the environment and this tool gives you an accurate carbon emission rate for your vehicles. While vehicles contribute a relatively small amount to the total carbon emissions at a mere 9,9%, there is a lot that we can do to reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint including “sweet spot” reporting which will ensure you have the right vehicle for your purposes and keep your emissions as low as possible.

Driver safety

Many accidents are caused by bad driving behaviour and fatigue. Drivers need to be educated and trained regarding resting periods, and frequent fitness tests including eye tests need to be put into place to ensure drivers are always at their optimum. Although human error will always be a factor with drivers, it can be counteracted with technology. Using our Telematics solution as part of your corporate fleet management, you can monitor speeding, over-revving, breaking too fast, or taking an inefficient route. This intelligent fleet tracking system can be programmed to set alerts to inform drivers that they are speeding and correct the situation before it escalates. Focusing on managing the driver’s behaviour benefits their productivity and wellbeing but it has positive effects for your bottom line too.

The bigger picture

Every fleet operating company ultimately has the same needs to keep customers happy and deliver cargo safely while keeping the business as profitable as possible. It’s important to keep up with the technology that will make your business competitive and using fleet reporting you can ensure that you are on top of every detail of your fleet including fuel transactions and vehicle specifications.

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