Fleet management: goals for the new fiscal year

A financial, or fiscal, year is “a period that a company or government uses for accounting purposes and preparing financial statements. A fiscal year may not be the same as a calendar year,” according to Investopedia. Many South African businesses use April as the beginning of their fiscal year, and this means that they can avoid tying up their year around the holidays.

At the beginning of the financial year, companies examine their finances and ask what they can do to improve their bottom lines. Fleet companies are no different. This blog takes a look at how fleet managers can improve their systems by outsourcing their fleet management with Avis Fleet.

Taking telematics to the bank

Avis Fleet Telematics uses data to help you to save money for your fleet with a reporting tool that allows Fleet Managers to gauge if a driver is speeding, over-revving, idling, braking too harshly, or taking an inefficient route. With Avis Fleet Telematics, Fleet Managers can pinpoint when the driver begins and ends his/her car journey and they can locate their vehicles at any time. The fleet reporting has assisted Avis Fleet customers to save up to 20% in fuel costs and has also led to a reduction in maintenance costs.

Focusing on fuel

For most companies the fleet’s fuel cost is probably their biggest expense. Outsourcing fleet management can save money, one of the most important business priorities. Gauteng’s diesel and petrol prices have continued to increase at more than the inflation rate for the last year, and with junk status set to drive fuel prices even higher, it’s clear that businesses need to prioritize fuel management.

A solution for fuel management

Fuel card fraud and fuel theft cause financial losses in many businesses. Avis Fleet can help you to save between 8% and 14% of your fleet’s fuel consumption costs through our Intelligent Fuel Management (IFM) product that has a 90% accuracy rate. We take control of your fleet’s fuel consumption and can reduce the risk of fraud, theft and abuse of your fuel cards. Our Intelligent Fuel Management solution can help you.

Making it easier

While Fleet Managers may be aware of the technology, they might also be intimidated by what to do with the large amount of data. We help fleet operators to deal with the implementation and maintenance of e-toll management. Our open road tolling solution takes on the administrative and cost burden of e-tolls and long distance tolls. Our managed fleet solution can take over your e-toll account management and provide fleet operators with consolidated e-toll reporting. If you are in doubt as to whether your driver was billed correctly, we also help to facilitate in dispute logging for Open Road Tolling via Fleet Interactive. Find out more about our fleet reporting.

With tools like these working together, managers can achieve their fleet priorities for the new year, significantly reducing the costs and administrative burdens. For more information about our fleet solutions click here.


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