Fleet Managers can save big with our Value Added Products

You can’t control the economy or the fuel price, but you can  ensure you are saving money when it comes to your fleet. With our Value Added Products, we provide you with the expertise and experience to enhance the operations of your vehicles with the power of technology. And you can take the risk out of your operations by being prepared for accidents and cut down on administrative burdens like traffic fines and open road tolling.

Solutions in our Value Added Products offering:

  • Fleet Reporting allows you to manage your daily fleet requirements at the touch of a button. And with the Fleet Interactive tool, you can make good use of your data to run your fleet more effectively.
  • Intelligent Fuel Management helps you to counteract fuel fraud, theft and abuse, and drive down fuel costs, some of the biggest concerns for fleet companies. Our solution protects you against threats and shows measurable results.
  • Open Road Tolling lifts the administrative burden of Fleet Managers and allows them to concentrate on their core business.
  • Traffic Fine Management makes negotiating AARTO and CPA fines’ time-consuming and laborious regulations easy, putting the responsibility for payment on drivers who have incurred the fines.
  • Accident Management takes the sting out of fleet accidents by taking care of the hassle surrounding these unfortunate incidents and ensuring that replacement vehicles are on the road as soon as possible.  
  • Telematics gives Fleet Managers control of a vehicle’s whereabouts and lets them track driver behaviour, gauging whether a driver is speeding, over-revving, braking too fast, or taking an inefficient route. It has many benefits and is particularly useful for records in insurance claims. Reduce fleet accidents, vehicle maintenance costs and fuel consumption.  

Our Value Added Products will provide you with up-to-date, proven solutions to ensure you get the most out of your fleet. Whether it’s a reputable traffic fines management tool, or an effective fuel management tool you are looking for, use our technology and expertise to ensure you have the best fleet intelligence.

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