Fleet services expert discusses the latest trends in fleet management

The fleet services industry has come into focus, particularly post 2008, when the economic recession forced companies to reassess costs and business processes. Trends that emerged included the outsourcing of fleet management functions as a strategic imperative to reduce costs and decrease risk. What trends define fleet services in 2015? Avis Fleet – a leading fleet management specialist – discusses.

1. Improved fleet reporting.

When a fleet operator procures fleet services, the available options may seem mindboggling. The benefits of outsourcing this to a fleet management company outweigh the hassles of doing it yourself. Avis Fleet has developed superior technology, known as Sweet Spot Reporting, to refine fleet options to those that fit the company’s business model. Business intelligent software enables Avis Fleet to determine the most appropriate term and kilometre allocation by vehicle. Vehicle resale value and maintenance are the main costs that are taken into consideration when calculating the optimum monthly rental. Put simply, Avis Fleet provides the optimum fleet reporting solution to solve an infinite number of problems with finite resources.

2. The clampdown on fuel card theft and fraud

Companies with fleets are potentially haemorrhaging hundreds of millions of rands a year in fuel fraud and theft. Often, fleet drivers are the main culprits. This has been difficult to manage in the past, yet is slowly changing with improved technology and tracking systems. Avis Fleet developed its Intelligent Fuel Management product to tackle fraud on fuel cards. Fleet operating customers send their fuel usage data to Avis Fleet, where it is consolidated and examined. In addition, the platform has been set up to detect theft and fraud in real time, which allows investigation within the first three days of a transaction taking place. Previously, fleet-operating customers could only receive a monthly deviation report.

3. The greening of fleets

As Fleet Europe asserts, “green matters – both monetary and environmental – mean that low CO2 emission vehicles have rapidly become the norm rather than the exception … It’s not just emissions from fleet workhorses that have been slashed. Benefit cars and executive-level cars are no longer the gas guzzling, emissions emitting machines they once were.”

Increased public concern about the impact of carbon emissions on climate change has placed immense pressure on businesses to strive to reduce their carbon footprint. The good news is that fleet managers can procure green fleet services.

With Avis Fleet’s “sweet spot” reporting capabilities, you will be offered the right vehicle, for the right time period and mileage, taking into consideration CO2 emissions. This ensures you get the optimum life cost of your fleet vehicles. 

4. Telematics

Fleet Europe notes that “a poor driver can quickly eat into all the fixed savings that a procurement exercise has created, so it’s no surprise that focusing in on variable driver costs is top of the agenda. Driving style impacts fuel consumption, insurance and accident costs, and wear and tear. So, supporting safe and fuel-efficient driving is a big savings opportunity.

Avis Fleet has refined tracking technology through its Telematics services, where driver behaviour is analysed with the goal of reducing costs. Avis Fleet’s fleet reporting tool can gauge if a driver is speeding, over-revving, idling, braking too fast, taking an inefficient route to carry out business activities, as well as pinpointing when the driver begins and ends his/her car journey. Moreover, the system can alert drivers when they are speeding, allowing him/her to correct the situation before it escalates.

Consider outsourcing your fleet services to a fleet management specialist, such as Avis Fleet – a company clued up on the latest trends that they match to your business prerogatives.


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