Fleet trends: Wrap your fleet up this holiday season

The holiday season sees more vehicles on the roads than any other time of year. Taking this into consideration it makes good business sense to put your advertising where the eyes are. In this case, on the roads.

Fleet managers should take full advantage of vehicle branding or wrapping as a fleet trend to make sure their brand’s voice is heard. Over the festive season all media becomes saturated with advertising and consumers are bombarded with businesses telling them what to buy and when to buy it. It can be easy for your brand to get lost in all that advertising noise, which is why it is vital to gain brand momentum using the most efficient fleet trends for this time of year.

Make your message mobile

What makes vehicle branding such a successful fleet benefits is the fact that your message becomes mobile. Think of your fleet as moving billboards. This means you can be certain that your message is reaching a vast number of consumers who are willing to give your business support. Pick n Pay, Woolworths and Takealot have successfully used vehicle branding to create a visual impact on consumers on the road. By branding either for Christmas holidays or the festive season, you make use of the emotional value of the holidays to improve your company’s brand.

Kill two birds with one stone

On the road is where your drivers belong and by branding your vehicles you essentially kill two birds with one stone. Consumers can see that your brand is carrying out the service it’s promising, while at the same time creating awareness for your message, making it unique and identifiable. Fleet trends such as vehicle branding create a sense of familiarity and trust among your business target market and pose very little risk on return. Why pay for space on one billboard that overlooks a busy highway or intersection when your fleet, which you’re already paying for, can become part of the pulse of that very highway or intersection?

Make your drivers proud of the brand

Another benefit of vehicle branding is that it can also be used to instil a sense of pride and excitement amongst your drivers. If nothing else it will encourage them to make better decisions when out on the roads and help protect your brand’s reputation as well as the physical state of the vehicle.

Send your fleet into brand battle

The definition of fleet is: the largest organisation of ships under the command of a single officer. As the fleet manager, you are that officer and it’s your responsibility to make sure that your fleet presents a united front, from the inside to the outside. It is more impressive to consumers and competitors to send a fleet out every morning that shine as an example of your brand and generate a positive image, not only when they are seen together as a group but also when they are separated on the open roads.

As far as fleet trends go, vehicle branding over the holiday season offers the potential for a great opportunity in brand momentum and new business. You may very well be singing Jingle Bells all the way to the bank.

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