Fuel-saving Tips For 2019

South African motorists came under financial pressure last year when the price of petrol reached unprecedented highs. Referring to the biggest fuel hike in November, the Automobile Association said international oil prices remained stubbornly high and political tensions involving Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s biggest oil producers, could put more pressure on fuel prices. With more possible hikes on the horizon, what can motorists do about their petrol consumption? Here are top fuel-saving tips:

Top fuel-saving tips for motorists:

  • Don’t drive aggressively: Harsh acceleration and braking are not fuel-efficient.
  • Adhere to the speed limit: A reduction in speed will help you save on your fuel costs.
  • Drive in a higher gear: Driving in a lower gear uses more fuel.
  • Check tyre pressure: This will ensure optimal fuel use.
  • Use the most efficient route: Try to combine your journeys instead of taking several trips.
  • Avoid rush-hour traffic: Driving in peak traffic periods means that your vehicle uses more fuel because the idling, stopping and starting increases your fuel consumption.
  • Make sure your car is well-maintained: If your vehicle is in optimal condition, it will be more fuel-efficient.
  • Ensure that your vehicle is as light as possible: The less weight your vehicle is carrying, the less work it will have to do and the less fuel it will burn up.

Fleet Managers might not be able to control the fuel price increase, but we can help your fuel-saving efforts with our fleet management solutions. Avis Fleet offers a range of solutions as part of our fleet management services. Find out more about our Intelligent Fuel Management solution.

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