Get the best results from your fleet’s life cycle

An important aspect of a Fleet Manager’s job is to ensure that their fleet enjoys the best life cycle. Every Fleet Manager wants to keep costs low and ensure that their fleet has the least downtime. But to be a good Fleet Manager, they have to keep an eye on the big picture. This includes maintaining vehicles, understanding fleet operational requirements and analysing data.

Proactive maintenance

Consistent maintenance is important to uphold high standards for drivers and vehicles. This requires software to monitor vehicles and to ensure ease of maintenance. Maintenance Control makes optimal use of technology for inspections and reporting will make maintenance more effective.

Plan ahead to reduce risk

Mitigate risk by thinking in advance about what might happen and making the appropriate contingency plans. This can include anything that will affect the safety of your employees and the value of your property. Consider all the possible eventualities so that the damage is minimised. Our solutions put the focus on minimising risk, for example, driver behaviour monitoring through Telematics and making provisions with Accident Management.

Use data to your advantage

The advent of fleet technology makes your data invaluable. Fleet management software makes it possible to gather information about every aspect of your fleet. Save money with a reporting tool that allows Fleet Managers to gauge if a driver is speeding, over-revving, idling, braking too harshly, or taking an inefficient route.

With Avis Fleet Telematics, Fleet Managers can pinpoint when the driver begins and ends their car journey and can locate their vehicle at any time. The fleet reporting has helped Avis Fleet customers to save up to 20% in fuel costs and has also led to a reduction in maintenance costs.

Access your reports with the Fleet Interactive tool which will help you make sense of the data. Intelligent Fuel Management can also help you to save between 8% to 14% of your fleet’s fuel consumption costs.

Avis Fleet solutions are a comprehensive offering that enhance every aspect of fleet management. We have solutions that help customers with everything from vehicle acquisition to maintenance, Telematics, and making provisions for accidents. Find out about our fleet solutions.

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