Happy Workers’ Day to our staff and all SA workers

Workers' Day has been celebrated as a national public holiday in South Africa on 1 May every year since 1994. But it’s not just another day off, it’s an opportunity to celebrate all our workers.

Avis Fleet we know that we couldn’t operate our business without the contributions of the many people in our company who might do the behind-the-scenes work, but are no less important. We are aware that so many people keep the wheels turning at Avis Fleet, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them all because they play their part in keeping our company running smoothly. To all these people, and to all workers in South Africa, we thank you for contributing your labour to make our country a success. We hope you enjoy your day.

The importance of Workers’ Day

Many countries commemorate workers on May 1. Besides South Africa, Workers’ Day is celebrated in countries that include Zambia, Angola, China, Argentina and France. International Workers’ Day, or May Day, recognises the contribution that all workers make to our lives. The celebration of this day in South Africa goes back to when anti-apartheid activists rallied support around the unjust treatment and employment conditions of workers, and showed their alliance with international workers’ organisations on May Day.

The origin of this day stems from “the Haymarket Affair” in Chicago in 1886 that brought international attention to the establishment of an eight-hour working day. During a peaceful demonstration, and in retaliation for workers who were killed the day before, a bomb was thrown at police which resulted in seven policemen and at least four civilians being killed. In the aftermath, eight anarchists were arrested and four were put to death by hanging. The incident highlighted a need to establish workers’ rights around the world.

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