Home security checklist to keep burglars on the hop

Everyone looks forward to a break, but don’t let your excitement eclipse your good sense. This is one of the worst times of the year for being on the roads according to accident statistics, and we encourage you to drive cautiously to ensure you don’t end your holiday end on a sour note. By taking safety precautions before you travel, including a vehicle inspection, if you are going on a road trip and double checking any bookings including travel tickets or accommodation, insurance and so on, you can alleviate some of the worries you have regardin­­­g your trip. One thing that might fall by the wayside when you are planning your travels is home security. Avoid becoming a holiday crime statistic by following some of our simple tips.

­­­­­Make sure your insurance is up to date

The reality is that criminals will find a way to succeed. That’s why it’s best to make sure that your insurance comprehensively covers your house and belongings.

Install a security system

Ensure that your windows are barred, and your perimeter fence is secured and possibly electrified. To up the ante on your home security, you could consider putting in a DIY security alarm system. In the past, it was more expensive to install security gadgets, but these days it’s easier on the pocket. You could install a security system with software, a digital video recorder and four cameras included. Hook up the system to the Internet, and you will be able to see what’s happening at your house anytime you like on your cellphone screen.


Invest in a safe for your valuables

If you are concerned about some valuable items being stolen when you are away, but also don’t want to take them on holiday, you could think of getting a safe. Jewellery and electronic gadgets might fall into this category. A safe might also be the right solution for other objects: legal documentation such as birth certificates and property titles, spare car keys, and sentimental objects like photographs.

Automatic lighting system

Criminals target empty houses during the holidays. They observe houses so they can tell when residents aren’t home. Give the illusion that there is someone in the house by putting some of the lights on a timer. Having a person regularly check in is advisable and so is letting your neighbours know that you are away, so they will know to keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour on your property. You could also consider joining your neighbourhood WhatsApp or Facebook group to improve your home security.

Avis Fleet is a fleet management company with longstanding experience and expertise. We hope that you have a safe and happy holiday season. We have a range of solutions designed for fleet needs. For more information about our fleet solutions click here, or feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you might have regarding our services.


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