How you can celebrate Boss’s Day

If you are lucky enough to have a job where you get along with your boss, why not use Boss’s Day to celebrate your relationship? Boss’s Day, on the 14th of October, is a day where workers can take some time out to tip their hats to their bosses. The idea behind having Boss’s Day is to strengthen relationships between employees and employers partly by appreciating what supervisory roles entail. You might wonder where the day originated from and what the best way of celebrating it is. If so, this blog is for you. We take a look at the origins of the day and list some suggestions for what to do.  

Origins of Boss’s Day

According to Time and Date, Boss’s Day originated in the United States. In 1958 an employee at an insurance company in Illinois named Patricia Bays Haroski registered the holiday with the Chamber of Commerce because she wanted to designate the day for appreciating her boss and other bosses. She chose the 16th of October because it was her father’s birthday. In 1962 the governor backed her registration and officially proclaimed the day Boss’s Day.  

Ideas for celebrating

There are many ways to give your boss some positive recognition. The 6Q Blog, which has “tips for engaging employees and creating a positive company culture”, has some suggestions for celebrating Boss’s Day in a variety of ways. For employees who want to show a little bit more thoughtfulness and avoid giving the standard “World’s Greatest Boss” mug, here are a few suggestions:

  • Show you care by getting a gift for your boss. A small gift basket, or a bottle of wine is sure to make your boss’s day. But you could also attempt to get something suited to his or her tastes – some chocolates for the boss with a sweet tooth, or imported tea for a boss who appreciates a good brew.
  • Make it personal. How about baking a cake for your boss? Making something yourself adds a personal touch and shows that you care. And you could make it a team effort by getting your colleagues to join in the baking experience. Another way of giving a more personal gift is by making a card that everyone in the office can sign.
  • Mark the occasion by giving awards. Giving simple certificates with accolades such as “Best Dressed Boss” and “Funniest Boss” are more lighthearted ways to show your boss that they are appreciated.
  • Bring and braai at the office. Well, it doesn’t have to be a braai, but why not use this very South African way of celebrating with everyone bringing some snacks that can be shared by the whole office? This will give the office an opportunity for team building and interacting with each other in a more relaxed setting.

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