Infographic: How to change a tyre

Avis Fleet will look after your fleet maintenance management and reduce the cost of your monthly maintenance. Avis Fleet takes into account the major concerns – rising costs, keeping track of services, and ensuring maintenance requests are screened and approved against parts, labour and manufacturer service operations. A fixed premium maintenance contract will take care of all mechanical repairs and manufacture specified maintenance for all the different facets of your vehicle, including tyres.

  1. Engage your handbrake, take off the wheel cover and loosen the lug nuts.
  2. Put the jack under the area below the 2 car door and slowly raise the car up.
  3. Take off the lug nuts 3 and wheel.
  4. Put the spare wheel on.
  5. Replace the lug nuts, release the jack and lower the vehicle down to the ground. Then tighten the lug nuts again and put the wheel cover back on.

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