Our fleet management solutions will ease fuel price hikes

Motorists had to deal with another fuel price increase from 4 July. According to the Department of Energy, petrol increased by 26c a litre for 93 octane and 23c for 95 octane. Diesel is also 46c more expensive. For now, it looks like the rand will continue to weaken against the dollar and, with a global increase in oil prices, this means local fuel prices will continue to climb in coming months.

Unfortunately, we can’t change the price of fuel, but with our fleet management solutions we can help you to save money.

Fleet management can help

Outsourcing fleet management will help you to stay on top of the fuel hikes and save you money on fuel. We have the solutions to help customers with everything from vehicle acquisition to maintenance and making provisions for accidents. The solutions are adaptable and can change according to the individual needs of each fleet company. Our Telematics solution gives you around-the-clock control of your vehicles' whereabouts, lets you track driver behaviour and successfully reduce fleet accidents, vehicle maintenance costs and fuel consumption. Fleet telematics can gauge if a driver is speeding, over-revving, braking too fast, or taking an inefficient route.

Our fuel management solution

With the rise in fuel prices, it is more important than ever to save money on your fleet. Using  our Intelligent Fuel Management Solution, you can achieve measurable savings on your monthly fuel spend.

Avis Fleet conducts a comprehensive fleet fuel analysis for free to show our customers where they can save. Subsequently, the various sources of fuel data are measured and presented to Fleet Managers regularly, including fuel consumption calculations and alerts on potential fuel fraud, theft and abuse on each vehicle in the fleet. This solution has saved customers millions of rands on their fuel bill.

Fleet Managers can’t control the fuel price increase, but with our fleet management solutions, you can save money. Avis Fleet has a range of solutions as part of our fleet management services. For more information about our Intelligent Fuel Management solution, click here.

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