Our SED Initiative: Habitat for Humanity, Part 1

This year, members of the Avis Fleet and Barloworld Automotive teams had the opportunity to make a positive contribution for Mandela Day by taking part in the Habitat for Humanity initiative. Be sure to check out Part 2 of our blog about our Mandela Day initiative.

Joining forces with Habitat for Humanity

Over the week of 16-20 July 2018, Avis Fleet staff from many departments, including Marketing, IT, Strategic Sales, FAM, Customer Support, Scanning, Sales and Debtors, worked tirelessly to help build two houses in the Lawley Community, near Orange Farm. The much-needed homes were built, thanks to a R200 000 contribution from Barloworld Automotive and the dedicated involvement of staff and community members. To date, Habitat for Humanity has built 500 houses since 2008 in this area.

Celebrating a special centenary

The Barloworld Group of companies embarked on their mission to support Habitat for Humanity in building 100 homes for 100 destitute people around South Africa. Barloworld pledged to build six of the 100 houses. These 100 houses are being built to celebrate the centenary of Madiba’s birth.

Our core tenants

Socio-economic development forms part of transformation, which is aligned to the top 10 key strategies of the Barloworld Group. It’s not merely giving money or time to communities that operate around our businesses, it is about empowering and enabling those who do not currently form part of the economy to be incorporated into the economy. It’s about upskilling and educating people to create sustainable access to the economy, as well as ability to assist others in need.

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