Our SED Initiative: Habitat for Humanity, Part 2

This year members of the Avis Fleet and Barloworld Automotive teams had the opportunity to make a positive contribution for Mandela Day by taking part in the Habitat for Humanity initiative. If you haven’t already read it, check out Part 1 of our blog about our Mandela Day initiative.

Dedicated to doing good

Each day during the week of 16-20 July, 20 volunteers from Barloworld Automotive division braved the cold, jumped into a kombi at 7am and headed to Lawley Primary School where volunteers convened before each day’s building. To ensure that skills development was part of the deal, Habitat For Humanity paired each technically qualified builder with two builders from the Lawley community. A site leader was also appointed to ensure all safety protocol were adhered to and thereby avoid any accidents.

“When we were finished I was so relieved! Not in the sense that I wanted to get away, but I was exhausted. It brings me great joy to think about how I contributed to making someone’s life much better. I firmly believe in bettering the world. The reason I got involved was that I have the time and energy to give to those that need it,” said Atlegang Maluleka, Marketing Intern, Avis Fleet.

An organisation that uplifts communities

Habitat for Humanity works with communities by upgrading skills among members so that they can build their own homes and lead their communities. Volunteering develops relationships and allows people outside these communities to play an active part in building a positive South Africa.

The South African branch was founded in 1996 and is part of Habitat for Humanity International founded in the United States by Millard and Linda Fuller in 1976. The organisation is based on holistic interventions that encourage community members to play active roles in their development. Since their inception, this amazing organisation has helped over five million people all over the world.

The end goal

On Friday the 20th of July, all the shells of the houses were completed and over the next two months, electricians and plumbers will be completing the necessary work. Habitat for Humanity will then notify Avis Fleet once the houses have been completed and are ready for occupation. A ceremony to handover the homes will take place and an invite will be extended to the Barloworld Group, to witness this special moment.

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