Outsourcing fleet management makes business sense

Every fleet operating company would probably like to know the financial implications of outsourcing a commercial fleet versus owning a fleet. What’s the bottom line when it comes to outsourcing fleet management? There are many advantages from reducing costs, to reducing fleet companies’ workloads by taking care of complicated or time consuming tasks. We will also reduce your risk factors with solutions addressing accidents and fraud. For Fleet Managers who are tired of the all the hassle involved with managing a fleet, our Full Maintenance Lease relieves the administrative burden of repairing and maintaining a fleet. With the FML solution you will only pay for usage. Here are some of the ways that outsourcing fleet management makes good business sense.

Time is money

These days one of the biggest commodities Fleet Managers don’t have is time, and one of the main ways that outsourcing your fleet will save you money is by saving you time. Outsourcing fleet management means that you can free up the time that you would be using on administrative activities. Avis Fleet have a “one-stop shop” of services that will not only take on the tasks that your in-house staff might not have enough capacity to do effectively, but we will optimise these activities using our proven technology and experience so that your business will enjoy the benefits. Outsourcing will mean we take on the responsibilities of fleet management while you can focus more on running your business.

The Full Maintenance Lease

Managing a fleet is difficult but why shoulder the difficulty and administrative burden of maintaining and repairing your fleet when you don’t have to? Our vehicle Full Maintenance Lease will take on many of the most arduous fleet responsibilities for you. Meaning that you would only pay for the vehicles as you use them, choose the vehicles that you want to use and decide how long you want them for and for what distance. And your fixed monthly rate includes maintenance. This aspect of fleet management can often take Fleet Managers by surprise. But our maintenance and repair service covers your fleet for their entire life-cycle and will ultimately save you money. We offer dealer negotiated pricing and service management meaning that you benefit from our relationships and buying power. And we will monitor your fleet’s service history for you, ensuring you don’t pay for unnecessary maintenance.

Making a fleet for your requirements

When your business depends on vehicles you want to know that they will always be ready for you. We have experience and expertise to ensure that the vehicles in your fleet are exactly right for your business’s purposes. Avis Fleet will perform a full 360-degree fleet audit to examine every cost including procurement costs, maintenance costs, fuel usage costs and vehicle disposal costs. We can then determine the best contract term and kilometer allocation by vehicle for your business.

Outsourcing your fleet management to Avis Fleet will mean you can take advantage of a range of solutions to suit all of your business needs. With our fleet procurement solution, we will take the hassle out of the painstaking process of finding the right fleet. For more information about our fleet procurement solution click here.

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