Part 2: Small business opportunities for big business with Jozi@work

On Tuesday 26th July 2016 Gauteng Chairman Paul Mashatile and Mayor Parks Tau met with Thatohatsi Motsoane, Business Transformation Manager at Avis Fleet, to see firsthand how the City of Johannesburg Jozi@Work initiative is helping small businesses. We spoke to Thatohatsi Motsoane to find out more. In part 2 of our series we talk to Thatohatsi Motsoane about Jozi@Work.

Can you tell us more about the Jozi@work initiative?

So, with the development work packages which have been implemented in all the regions across the City of Johannesburg (COJ), we took a closer look at suppliers that had been shortlisted and selected to provide us with a product or with a service.We looked at the business holistically, identified gaps in the business and looked at how can we close those gaps. We partnered with Barloworld Siyakhula, the enterprise development arm of the business. We identified different areas where suppliers can benefit from receiving training. Starting with Human Resources (HR), at these small businesses, their entrepreneurial skills, and then we find subject experts to train them. We make it as simple as possible, looking at the HR models that are going to get implemented for them, we analyse their HR enrolment and how they go about selecting a final candidate. If there are problems within the business from an employee relations perspective we give them tools to be able to deal with it. We look at their contracts, what should be included in a contract. We make sure that they can run the business, no matter how small it is, like Barloworld.

What’s Avis Fleet’s goal in the undertaking?

From an achievement perspective we believe more in sustainability, the role of enterprise development has changed over the years. We aren’t just looking to make a monetary contribution; we are looking at how to create sustainable businesses, which in turn will lead to job creation. The informal sector is one of the areas where a large amount of people are employed. So how do we formalise businesses so that they will also be able to operate within the mainstream economy? That’s the first thing that’s key. The second part is employment, creating employment opportunities that help companies find market access opportunities. How do we make sure that businesses are in a position to be able to keep employing people and even increase those numbers? Our sustainability is being driven from top to bottom, so this is something that is cascaded down from Barloworld right down to all the different businesses. To create sustainable businesses that are able to employ, empower people and create training and upskilling opportunities for those companies.

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