Part 2: The ABCs of effective fleet management

There are many different elements that contribute to effective fleet management. Fleet Managers take care of everything from vehicle acquisitions to maintenance or dealing with accidents. And to top it off, they also have to make sure their operations are running as effectively as possible while they keep costs down. How do they do this? We take a look at some best practices for effective Fleet Management.

This is Part 2 of a series. Make sure you check out Part 1 here.

D is for Data

Many different kinds of businesses are making use of data for their benefit. For example, telematics analyzes driver behaviour to reduce costs and improve safety. This tool can monitor speeding, harsh acceleration, idling, braking too harshly and taking inefficient routes. Telematics reports have assisted Avis Fleet customers save on costs including wasted fuel, wear and tear on vehicles and effective vehicle maintenance. This solution, used with our Fleet Interactive Portal, allows Fleet Managers to use data to their best advantage. 

E is for Easy access to the latest information

One of the ways that Fleet Managers should ensure they are being as effective as possible is by keeping abreast of developments in the industry. Technology is constantly being developed and streamlined in the fleet industry, be sure you are not getting left behind by reading trade publications and keeping up with our Avis Fleet blogs and newsletters. We like to keep you informed of everything that’s happening in the industry including trends, current events and discussion points.

F is for Fuel

One of a Fleet Managers’ biggest concerns is fuel fraud, theft and abuse, issues that are escalating in our troubled economy. But we can help you solve this problem. The Avis Fleet Intelligent Fuel Management solution has already saved our customers millions of Rands. We use extensive analysis and exception reporting to reduce the risks of fuel fraud, theft and abuse. For a nominal fee, every fuel transaction is monitored and Fleet Managers are alerted about any suspicious activities and receive an email within three days with information on what happened and how to proceed.

Avis Fleet’s solutions are a comprehensive offering that enhance every aspect of fleet management. Our telematics solution uses technology to optimise your fleet operations. We also have solutions that help customers with everything from vehicle acquisition to maintenance and making provisions for accidents. The solutions are adaptable and can change according to the individual needs of each fleet company.Get more information about our fleet management solutions.

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