Partnering with a fleet management company can save you in the long run

It’s often hard for us to quantify the exact value of one of our managed fleet solutions to a customer. This is often calculated as money saved, as well as the ease of using our service to take away several administrative jobs from the Fleet Manager and the time this will save. In a recent example our customer, a large courier company, shared the value they received from their managed fleet solution.

Providing a highly specialised logistics management and courier service to blue-chip companies in South Africa, our customer was able to make savings in several business areas from fuel spend to overtime costs, providing ROI to the business within 9 months of partnering with Avis Fleet.

Meeting customer expectations with a managed fleet solution.

Delivering consistent, excellent customer service to their customer base is the highest priority for our customer. Avis Fleet prides itself on going the distance for our customer as evidenced in our core business value of “shaping solutions”. The second requirement was to reduce costs as much as possible, driving the business to find innovative ways to save money. This was one of the reasons for partnering with Avis Fleet and their innovative fleet solutions. Companies who run large fleets without a fleet management company may not see the fleet running costs, fuel costs, driver behavior and other elements that may influence fleet costs.

That’s why partnering with a fleet management company is so important in reducing cost. Using Avis Fleet Telematics and Intelligent Fuel Management (IFM) solution in all of their fleet vehicles around the country has given the team a 360° view of their vehicles. The combination of these tools has helped their fleet managers tackle fraud on fuel cards and overall fuel spend, and given them the ability to better track and manage their fleet.

In an industry where time costs money, with tight margins and even tighter delivery deadlines, it was essential for our customer to have precise, real-time data and control of their fleet’s activities. This allowed them to take control in any situation, rerouting vehicles where needed. But it also allowed them to optimise their planning around delivery routes.

“Throughout the entire negotiation, contract finalisation and installation process, Avis Fleet displayed a truly professional approach in every aspect of their dealings with us and we are, accordingly, now very proud to count them as a true value-added partner.”

Real business savings.

Avis Fleet was able to provide this courier company with several innovative solutions that enabled them to save in a number of ways. The team achieved a saving of 23.5% in monthly fuel costs which amounted to more than R400 000 per month.

Overtime costs for drivers and assistants was reduced by nearly 25%. These costs had amounted to R135 000 per month prior to the installation of Avis Fleet Telematics.

Vehicle productivity, delivery, and collection efficiencies improved by approximately 20% while vehicle maintenance costs were reduced by 12.5%.

It’s interesting to note that labour relations and industrial council disciplinary issues relating to overtime and overall work performance were quickly and efficiently resolved, due in large part to the information which was made available by partnering with a fleet management company.

The positive experience of this company shows how partnering with Avis Fleet can revolutionise your business and result in many benefits from decreased expenditure to improved efficiency, and even labour relations. If you would like to considerably tighten your effective control over your fleet vehicles why not consider partnering with Avis Fleet?


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