PMR Awards: Avis Fleet wins ninth consecutive award

Professional Management Review (PMR) Africa at the end of last year named Avis Fleet the leading Fleet Management Company in South Africa for the ninth year in a row.

Avis Fleet were awarded with the Diamond Level Arrow Award for the being the best performer in the Fleet Management category. The national survey respondents included financial and HR directors, CEOs, analysts, MDs, stockbrokers and senior government officials.

Who are PMR-Africa?

PMR-Africa is a consulting, research and risk-management service. Its rating research is done using questionnaires that are developed with the assistance of major role players in the industry.

PMR-Africa holds an annual survey to assess national institutions and companies who they deem to be enhancing economic development as well as growth and stability through corporate social responsibility (CSR). Respondents gave companies and institutions a rating according to a number of different topics. These included black economic empowerment (BEE), commitment to communities, commitment to employees, corporate governance, employment equity, and fight against HIV Aids, fight against crime, fight against poverty, job creation, service excellence and social upliftment.

The awards represent a benchmark for industry “representing competitiveness, effectiveness, excellence, leadership, resilience, and indicate customer service and customer satisfaction”.

An honour to be chosen

This is, understandably, an honour that Avis Fleet is extremely proud of. At the same time Avis Fleet acknowledged that they could not have achieved this accolade without the support of its customers. Avis Fleet also pointed out that its strength lies in its staff who work tirelessly to deliver on their brand promise of “shaping solutions” for customers.

The secret to success

Having been established in the industry for over 35-years, Avis Fleet appreciates that its customers and long-term partnerships are key to their success. Their aim is to redefine the fleet services industry and provide the very best service. In 2015 Avis Fleet subtly rebranded by dropping the word “Services” from its title. Avis Fleet took this opportunity to make a shift in its outlook and reinforce value to its customers. Avis Fleet extended its relationship with long-term partners from simply providing fleet management services to foreseeing future business requirements and shaping solutions around business needs. 

Shaping Solutions

Fleet management can be costly and overwhelming. Avis Fleet’s solutions are based around the needs of Fleet Managers, who are tasked with multiple functions and increasing demands such as cost reduction and risk mitigation. Avis Fleet takes the wheel on fleet management allowing its customers to focus on their core business. And that’s what “shaping solutions” means – providing solutions that are shaped around customers’ current business vision and strategy and easily adapted as needs change.

For more fleet solutions such as total budget optimisation, fuel management, telematics, and more, check out our website.


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