Reformed hijacker discloses inside info on car hijackings

Hijackings are one of the most common and feared crimes in South Africa. So it’s probably safe to say that most of us would not even want to talk to a hijacker. But motorists will do well to heed the useful information from a reformed hijacker so they can ensure their safety. Fortunately, you don’t have to seek out a reformed criminal to find out for yourself. We found a recent article where a journalist chats to a former car hijacker and extracted some key insights for you.

What happens to stolen cars?

Many more cars are stolen for spare parts than for resale. Once these cars are stolen, they are stripped and yield hundreds of spare parts that are sold separately. This makes tracing the stolen cars more difficult since each part can go to a different vehicle.

Common hijacking methods

The modus operandi that hijackers use differs between individuals. Some will follow their victims and look for a good opportunity to attack, like when a car has to stop at a robot. Others will wait outside their victim’s driveway and capitalise on the limited mobility in this situation. There are also criminals who scam their victims by placing a dummy in the road so it looks like a person injured in an accident, then attack their victims when they stop to help. There have also been reports of criminals who impersonate police officers to take advantage of motorists.

Hijackers also sometimes kidnap drivers. This is because taking the driver with them gives them time to locate the tracking unit before the driver has time to activate it. It can take as little as 10 minutes for them to locate the tracking unit.

Some good advice

The former hijacker offered some sound advice for potential hijacking victims. He said motorists should be vigilant and monitor their rear-view and side mirrors to check for vehicles that are following them. Hijackers often follow their victims for days to establish their routines so they can figure out the best time for an attack. If you suspect that you are being followed, you can make some false turns to confirm your suspicions. If they are confirmed, immediately drive to the nearest police station.

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