SA in the grips of highest fuel price hike in history

South Africa’s hard-hit motorists braced themselves for an unprecedented fuel price increase this week. Although the fuel price has been steadily spiralling upward this year, this is the biggest increase in South African history.

Cause of the fuel increase

The Automobile Association (AA) says that a spike in international oil prices and a weak rand have combined to deliver a knockout blow at the petrol pumps for South African consumers.

The Department of Energy announced that the price of 93 octane fuel would go up by 99c a litre, while 95 octane would cost R1 more. Diesel went up by R1.24 a litre. This pushed the price of petrol over or close to R17 a litre – the highest it has been yet. With the steep increases in petrol already hurting the pockets of South African motorists, here are a few tips for conserving fuel while driving:

  • Don’t drive aggressively: Harsh acceleration and braking are not fuel-efficient.
  • Adhere to the speed limit: A reduction in speed will help you save on your fuel expenditure.
  • Drive in a higher gear: Driving in a lower gear uses more fuel.
  • Service your car regularly and check tyre pressure: This will ensure optimal fuel use.
  • Use the most efficient route: Try to combine your journeys instead of taking several trips.

If you are a fleet manager, here are five ways to improve the fuel economy of your fleet.

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