Save time and money with the Avis Fleet App

The newest addition to our technology arsenal, the Avis Fleet App, is set to make the lives of Fleet Managers and drivers a lot easier. And the best thing about it? It’s free for Avis Fleet customers. Used with the Fleet Interactive portal, the app makes dealing with fleet data more effective – it’s not only more convenient for fleet management but more effective in terms of saving time and money, and mitigating risk.

Save time and money, and mitigate risk

Let’s take vehicle inspections. You are a busy Fleet Manager and know the time and effort needed to get your vehicle inspection done.

Just download the app from your app store.


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Fleet Managers can schedule an inspection by simply clicking the Fleet Interactive Inspections Menu option.

Notifications will be sent to drivers once the Fleet Managers have done this. A text message will inform them that they must perform a vehicle inspection.

With the Avis Fleet App, drivers can conduct their own vehicle inspections. All they have to do is to fill out the user-friendly form on the app and upload pictures of the parts that need inspection.

The Fleet Manager instantly receives this information from his drivers through our Fleet Interactive portal.

This means a saving on the cost of vehicle inspections, the ability to perform ad-hoc inspections and supplement monthly, bi-annual and annual inspections.

The information you have on your fleet will now be more accurate. Integrating with the Fleet Interactive tool gives Fleet Managers and authorised personnel the most recent vehicle and driver information 24/7. Vehicle inspections in remote areas are less of a problem and end-of -termination billings can be dramatically reduced.

Drivers can also benefit because it is a more convenient way to conduct inspections and their safety and that of their vehicles will be enhanced.

Benefits for every fleet role player:

Avis Fleet is proud to provide this cutting-edge technology free to our customers.

New features will continue to be added to our app as we keep improving your experience with Avis Fleet.

Avis Fleet App

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