SED Initiative: Lighthouse Baby Shelter

The Lighthouse Baby Shelter in Sundowner, Johannesburg, takes care of abandoned and abused babies and children up to the age of 6. They also have a hole in the wall where people can place babies anonymously. The home has an outreach program that goes into the local squatter camp to uplift mothers and children. The home was started in 2008 by Eleanor Dustan, a successful business woman who realized that she wanted to make a lasting impact on the lives of underprivileged children in South Africa. Eleanor aims to help the children to become healthy and happy and many have been adopted from the home. The home has already made a huge difference in the lives of these underprivileged children and the broader community and, with plans to expand, they would like to continue their work in future.


Avis Fleet’s sales team were excited to choose the shelter as their SED initiative and help put a focus on sustainable development. The team donated 14 waterproof mattress protectors, as well as toiletries, cleaning materials and baby formula. The team decided to make every little child a special gift bag which included treats for them to enjoy.


Britt Jansen, SED champion for the sales division believes being part of the SED initiative is remarkable because they can inspire individuals to bring awareness to their communities and help out in any way they can. That’s why Britt and her team identified this baby shelter as their charity house of choice to support. Britt said that they believe that a little bit goes a very long way and they hope their contribution will assist and ease the growth into adulthood for most if not all the children.


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