SED Initiative: The Hamlet Foundation

Founded in 1954, this non-governmental organisation includes an Adult Centre, Workshop and school. With more than 600 children and adults being cared for, Avis Fleet assisted the Hamlet Foundation to really make a difference in the lives intellectually disabled people in the community. There are residential facilities and protected workshop facilities for adults and children. “The ultimate aim is to ensure that our disabled community is allowed to thrive and develop their best abilities and be accepted into the community and not be excluded.”

There are different projects that are run by the foundation. One of these is the Hamlet Fresh Vegetable co-operative. 12 people work in hydroponic tunnels growing vegetables. The foundation has plans to add 5 tunnels in January 2017. They will then be able to provide employment for a further 8 intellectually disabled adults (bringing the total up to 20 beneficiaries). Apart from the school, there is also a leadership programme which trains higher functioning adults to become jewellery technicians and manufacturers.

Robert (Les) Griffin is the SED champion for the Finance Division and the division is proud of his work with the Hamlet Foundation and happy to support this sustainable development project. Robert believes being part of a SED initiative is very important: not only does it have a direct impact on the company’s stakeholder element within the group (assisting with the BEE compliance), it also has practical implication to the less fortunate communities. Robert is the chairperson of the Hamlet Foundation, a director of the Hamlet Fresh Vegetable co-operative, and chairman of the school governing body, he frequently gives his time to oversee the overall functionality of the foundation.

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