SED initiatives: Gugulethu Parents for Orphans

 Gugulethu Parents for Orphans was started as a HIV/AIDS support group project in the Eastrand area in 2006 and registered as an NGO in 2007. Today, the home brings services to over 730 people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and related illnesses and empowers them to lead a better life. Part of their work involves ensuring that these people have access to home based health care services, counselling and social grants. This amazing organisation would like to make sure that no child grows up without love, guidance and their basic needs being taken care of. They provide assistance in communities for children without parents. The organisation also runs programmes to support the community including a youth empowerment and mentoring programme, arts for social change, community social entrepreneurship, and communities’ sustainability.


The Finance Department at Avis Fleet wanted to focus on Gugulethu Parents for Orphans as their SED initiative in order to support the community and encourage social development.  Nonhlanhla ‘Noni’ Mkwanazi is the SED champion for this department. She thinks the initiative is excellent and believes this is where employees can participate and help various shelters in need: “The more people who get involved the greater the impact.”

Nonhlanhla says their department was glad to be able to show they care by helping Gugulethu Parents for Orphans. They bought various items for the home according to their wish list including cleaning material, colouring books, plates and cups for the kids. And the kids were especially happy when they were presented with party packs which the team had prepared.


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