Telematics: Taking your fleet to the top

Just a few short years ago people had to struggle with maps whenever they wanted to go anywhere unfamiliar. So holiday trips, for example, started with a tense journey with mom and dad battling it out in the front with a big map. The invention of GPS has undoubtedly made these journeys easier and you would have a tough time prying this technology away from any drivers who have used it. The functionality and ease of GPS makes navigating a doddle compared to using traditional methods paper maps. This is one of the elements we have taken on board our telematics solution. We have incorporated this new technology to ensure that life is as easy as possible for drivers. And fleet managers can see and manage the vehicle and driver movements online via a web based solution.

Telematics helps you plan your route and assists tracking while en route

This works by putting in your starting point and destination and then letting the telematics solution work via the Google designed application to figure out the best route in terms of distance and time. The google solution offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets (Street View), real-time traffic conditions (Google Traffic), and route planning for traveling by foot, car, or bicycle. Using the telematics solution, the user will know where the drivers and vehicles are on the route in near real-time. The replay data can be used to cross check if the driver sticks to the allocated route or if they deviate from it.

Planning for the best route gives the benefit of saving time and mileage

It’s true that many smart phones and traffic enabled navigation devices can give drivers information about the best routes and even factor in traffic. But if the maps or the devices are not updated regularly they become ineffective and soon lose their novelty. When it comes to using smartphones for planning your route, there is also a problem in that they are mostly data intensive when it comes to real-time traffic updates. These apps require GPS through internet connectivity to pinpoint and guide users, which in return means that they drain the phone’s battery that much quicker. Fortunately for our clients, drivers using telematics enjoy all benefits of being able to navigate effectively with vehicle tracking (information is updated automatically, traffic is taken into account) without having to worry about the internet connectivity or battery life of their phones.

Helps you budget for fuel, oil and toll fee costs

Using our solutions help by reducing expenses including fuel, oil, and tolls. With the support of technology, you will be able to identify exactly where money is being spent unnecessarily and how to correct it. Again, it could be argued that there are apps available which will do this. But submitting information requires dedication and attention to detail and also may be subject to access to the internet.

Keeping your logbook up to date

Another way that telematics makes life easier for our clients is by taking care of the SARS compliant logbook. This has long been a headache for fleet companies: it’s complicated and time consuming to complete the logbook correctly. Telematics automates the process and ensures that it’s done efficiently.

Avis Fleet is a fleet management company with longstanding experience and expertise to help you optimise your business processes. For more information about our telematics solution click here, or feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you might have regarding our services.

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