The benefits of implementing a green fleet

The environment is becoming more of a concern with increasingly alarming statistics about carbon emissions, the greenhouse effect and so on, being reported in the press all the time. Most of us would like to become more eco-friendly but we might not be aware of the options that are available, or, in these tough economic times, we might be put off from going green because we are worried about the costs that might be involved. But incorporating green fleet solutions into your fleet solution might not only help the planet but your pocket as well. Here are some ways that green fleet can be kinder to the environment and save you money.

Most of the money that you spend operating a fleet will be on energy or fuel. But fleet managers who want to reduce energy costs are limited in the ways that they can do this – either use less energy or change the kind of fuel they are using.

Doing analysis to make sure solutions are tailored to your needs

When you decide to partner with Avis Fleet, we will assess your fleet needs, doing a fleet audit to evaluate how energy is used, among other things. Avis Fleet will take into account data which will improve fuel efficiency and driver behaviour relating to fuel management and fuel efficiency. This analysis will continue into our relationship with your fleet, making sure that our solutions are being used to your best advantage. You can choose value added products to further enhance your fleet management service.

Covering the basics

The easiest way to reduce energy costs – and to be kinder to the environment and save money – is simply to consume less fuel. And many basic techniques are a matter of making sure things are running optimally. Telematics is a great solution to make sure that everything is running as it should.

Fuel consumption can be affected by tyre pressure, vehicle weight, the amount of time the vehicle is idling, and whether or not the vehicle is being maintained properly.

Telematics and driver behaviour

One of the most obvious ways telematics can transform the efficiency of your fleet’s fuel consumption is by enabling vehicles, using GPS functionality, to reduce the amount of kilometres driven. Using information gained from telematics, fleet managers can double check driver behaviour, making sure drivers are sticking to routes, keeping idling time to a minimum, not over-revving, and so on. Fleet management can also monitor fault codes, tyre pressure, and other aspects relating to the maintenance of vehicle fleets. Exception reporting systems flag vehicles with defects and notify Fleet Management that repairs need to be made.

Reducing carbon emissions for a smaller carbon footprint

At 9.9%, vehicles contribute a relatively small amount to the world’s total carbon emissions. Greening your fleet can also help to reduce your carbon emissions and carbon footprint. Using our “sweet spot” quotation tool we can ensure that you are using the right vehicle for the right time period and mileage and this will have a big impact on CO2 emissions. With our extensive databases we can provide you with indicative carbon emissions reporting and, over time, measurable results for your company’s annual social responsibility reporting.

Check out our green fleet fact sheet for more information on how Avis Fleet can make your fleet services more eco-friendly.


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