The benefits of Intelligent Fuel Management

The cost of fuel is a big concern for companies, especially with the frequent petrol price increases and incidents of fuel fraud. But the Intelligent Fuel Management (IFM) solution from Avis Fleet can help you counteract fuel fraud and drive down fuel costs.

Intelligent Fuel Management process

  • The IFM bureau will firstly do a complete fuel analysis of all your transactions.
  • The IFM system establishes what customers are paying for fuel.
  • We then calculate how customers can save money.
  • For a nominal fee, Avis Fleet will monitor every fuel transaction and send weekly or monthly reports to you.
  • The IFM system identifies discrepancies and irregularities.
  • We will send notifications of these discrepancies via email.

Line-by-line fuel analysis

We manage fuel based on a per vehicle per transaction basis, flagging any discrepancies and sending alerts via email. The advanced reports are unique to Avis Fleet because they provide a line-by-line, detailed analysis of every transaction in your fleet when suspicious behaviour is detected. This includes daily fleet consumption in cents per kilometre and fleet performance, fuel usage, trends and consumption.

We can also show the overall performance of your fleet so you can pinpoint the best- and worst-performing vehicles and take action if necessary. The information we provide drives measurable results because we work with real-time transactional analysis and vehicle-specific norms so Fleet Managers can see their savings accumulating every month.

Protection against threats

The Intelligent Fuel Management solution can identify suspicious behaviour including syphoning, inflated fuel card transactions, cloned fuel cards, side fuelling, multiple pump transactions and continuous pump activity. We can also pick up multiple vehicle fills, manual card transactions, tampered pump calibration, private vehicle fills on the company fuel card and convenience store purchases. Check out our blog for more information on the most common methods of fuel fraud.

Measurable results

With Avis Fleet, we can help you save between 8% and 14% of your fleet’s fuel consumption costs with our Intelligent Fuel Management solution. This adds up to big savings on your bottom line. Fuel fraud and theft is probably a company’s greatest source of financial loss, but our IFM solution has a 90% accuracy rate in counteracting these incidents.

Outsourcing your fleet management can reap great benefits for you. Whether you are concerned about taking control of your fleet's fuel consumption or want to reduce the risk of fuel fraud, theft and abuse, Intelligent Fuel Management is the solution for you.

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