The Fleet Interactive tool is a great innovation from Avis Fleet

A Fleet Manager’s busy life is enough to make anyone’s head spin. On a typical day, a Fleet Manager will have to stay on top of overseeing every aspect of management including acquisition, maintenance, vehicle compliance regarding environmental standards, and fleet policy and procedure development. Fleet Managers have to make sure that every detail of their fleet is running smoothly. That means signing off on administrative tasks from traffic fine management to invoicing, and logging queries. Fleet Managers basically have to know where all their vehicles are at all times, and that might seem like a superhuman task.

How do Fleet Managers keep their heads above water? It’s important that Fleet Managers stay organised. That’s where Fleet Interactive can help you. Avis Fleet have developed this tool that can help Fleet Managers to operate all of the functions and solutions that we provide.

Fleet Interactive puts you in the driver’s seat; this portal will make staying on top of fleet management easier than ever. All your information is accessible 24 hours a day in real time. You (or your Fleet Administrator) will be able to make vehicle inquiries and view information on traffic fines, open road tolling, and financial invoices. The dashboard will give you access to your fleet overview. You will also be able to access reports and log any queries that you might have.

Here are some of the features:

Traffic Fine Management: you can view information on traffic fines, find out who the driver was at the time of an incident and direct the fine to the responsible driver.

Open Road Tolling: allows Avis Fleet to take care of all of the administration involved with tolling including eTags and all payments. You can also view any transaction at any time.

Finance: gives you access to all of your invoices at the touch of a button, whenever you need them.

Reporting: is one the many built-in self-service features. It allows you to conveniently choose from many kinds of reports without you having to request them from another person.  

Avis Fleet takes pride in listening to customers – that's why we continue to enhance our product offering. The easy-to-use Fleet Interactive portal helps Fleet Managers to avoid administrative delays. It offers users 24-hour real-time access so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your fleet. Find out more about how to start using the Fleet Interactive Tool.


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