Three reasons why having a managed fleet boosts your brand

Employees can be your greatest brand ambassadors. In fact, Ere Media asserts that leaders of companies should use their employees to enhance a brand, increase customer loyalty and improve profitability. “A company should ensure that employees have the same buy-in of products, services and organisational philosophy as customers have.” This is because employees have the unique opportunity of being at the coalface of business operations and can vouch for your brand. But, of course, they need to be kept happy and satisfied. How is this achieved? While there are many resources on the Internet that talk about getting staff on board with a company’s vision and being advocates of its brand, this blog outlines how fleet-operating companies can nurture staff towards brand ambassadorship. Here are three ways:

1. Company Vehicles should be well maintained

While your drivers are the primary face of your fleet, having a well-maintained fleet, through managed fleet services, is key to ensuring the safety of your drivers, as well as the general good image of your company. Having managed fleet services means having the opportunity of consistent fleet maintenance. Avis Fleet, for example, offers a comprehensive fleet maintenance package, which reduces breakdowns and limits the chances of accidents.

2. Make sure your fleet is safe

As drivers are the primary area of interaction with the public (and potential customers), their driving habits play a large role in instilling a sense of public trust in your brand. By monitoring their behaviour through a managed fleet services product, like telematics (the physical monitoring of each driver via trackers) companies can facilitate their adherence to the laws of the road, avoiding the creation of a negative image associated with your fleet vehicles. Further, telematics has a system whereby driving behaviour is monitored and, should a driver have bad habits such as speeding, over-revving and breaking too suddenly, it can be corrected.

3. Cut fraud by using superior fuel management products

While your fleet may initially have created a strong brand – through the use of catch phrases and other marketing tactics, if your drivers are knowingly or unknowingly committing fraud at petrol stations, it has the potential to taint a company’s image. But with managed fleet services, such as what Avis Fleet offers, this can be prevented. Avis Fleet developed its Intelligent Fuel Management product to tackle fraud on fuel cards. Fleet operating customers send their fuel usage data to Avis Fleet, which is then consolidated, examined and integrated into a single report.

In addition, the Intelligent Fuel platform is able to detect theft and fraud in real time, which allows them to investigate within the first three days of a transaction taking place. Previously, fleet operating customers could only receive a monthly deviation report. The amount of money saved is significant, but this is only possible through managed fleet services as tracking processes are complex.


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