Top high-tech car safety features

Safety has been a priority ever since cars were first invented more than a century ago. Innovations in vehicle safety have been driven by technology, information and legislation in the automotive industry. From windscreen wipers to braking systems, safety glass, three-point seat belts and airbags, car designers are always trying to find new and better ways to keep vehicle occupants safe.

With modern features like side-impact protection, improved traction in tyres and electronic stability control, improved car safety features now come standard with vehicles. V2V technology will allow vehicles to communicate with each other and V2I technology will allow vehicles to communicate with inanimate objects like traffic signs and road signs. And car manufacturers are not planning to stop there. They keep trying to find new ways to keep vehicle occupants safe. What’s next when it comes to car safety features?

According to, some of the most cutting-edge technology being developed around car safety include:

Blind-spot detection that will warn you when something enters your blind spot when you are driving or parking.

Lane-departure warning will alert you when your car is wandering out of the lane. This technology can also help with changing lanes by judging the speed and distance of approaching vehicles.

Rollover prevention can sense an imminent rollover situation like when a vehicle goes around a corner too fast or swerves. It will apply brakes and modulate the throttle to help you keep control of the vehicle.

Sensitive airbags that can judge the size and weight of people and react appropriately.

Night vision with infrared headlamps and thermal-imaging cameras for night-time clarity to help you avoid obstacles on the road.

Monitoring tyre pressure with sensors that will alert drivers if the tyre pressure is too low.

Emergency brake assist can help drivers by increasing brake pressure when it registers the quick change from fuel to brake that occurs in an emergency.

Emergency response that will notify response centres of an accident and make details of the incident known to emergency personnel.

Being a safe driver means driving safely, having the proper vehicle safety features in place and making provisions for them. At Avis Fleet, we like to offer our customers total peace of mind that if something does go wrong, we’ll be there to help every step of the way. Our comprehensive fleet management solutions take the sting out of dealing with the unforeseen. Take a look at our accident management solution to see how we can help you if you have an accident.

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